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Sorry I’m late: Fast Company reports that 20% of the population are ‘timebenders’, people whose optimism sees them trying to cram as much in as possible and then often end up late for things. Ironically, we’re a bit late with this one, as it was first reported in October but fittingly has been doing the rounds again on social. Our advice if you’re a timebender: try giving yourself blocks of time to work within.

Hot take on sustainable living: A tiny home in New Zealand has been built using passive construction methods, including the sun to heat it. It’s also very quiet on the inside and effectively future-proofed. Making it easier to live using less energy sounds like a winner to us. Home sweet home!

Out of Office?: Microsoft filed a patent this week for technology to record and score meetings on body language. Reportedly, sensors could look at: attendance, facial expressions, contribution and whether you sound tired/bored.

Ocean Discovery:  2020 has been the year we’ve all got used to doing things over video but as usual scientists were ahead of the curve. They have for the first time identified a new species using only high definition underwater cameras.  The Duobrachium sparksae is a comb jelly and was discovered in an underwater canyon north west of Puerto Rico in 2015 but was recently confirmed in a research paper.

Kudos:  Ranjitsinh Disale, a teacher from a village school in India has won this year’s Global Teacher Prize. He was recognised for changing the context around education – ensuring disadvantaged girls go to school and achieve high results – as well as for an international project building connections between young people in conflict zones. He has already given away half of the $1m prize money – sharing it with runners-up in the competition. Hats off to you Sir!

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