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📢 In what SHOOK us this week: Should creatives take a beep test?

❤️ The amazing work of @RuthStraussFdn
📈 The metric you need from @TheIPA
🌟Amazing @PRstarsTB

Plus shoutouts: @broadcastrevo @smokinggunpr @dinozoiks @AmecOrg @prweekuknews

Look out for our co-founder @_ghop_ talking at the @prweekuknews @AmecOrg Measurement Conference this afternoon on how to plan, measure and evaluate Ideas with Impact. In short: show your campaign crushed it...

WHAT SHOOK US THIS WEEK? Featuring @DavidEFraser @HospAction @MarcusRashford @JCVD #VanTam and @ScottishFA

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Original photo credit: Kiana Bosman