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What SHOOK us this week?

Stacks & Shares: PR Moment hosted another brilliant industry event this week, this time about the future of PRtech and having a data stack. Jon Hughes, Wadds, Jonny Bentwood Stella Bayles, Michelle Goodall and Ambera Cruz talked tools, tales and [negotiation] tactics whilst our co-founder Gemma covered the only 3 bits of data that matter and the importance of having a child-like curiosity to find insight, however big your data stack is.

How do you make a second hand toy desirable?:  “There are so many soft toys already in the world we need never make another one”. This great idea sees old teddies given a new lease of life by passing them – and their story – on to another kid, to be loved all over again. A lovely example of making it easier to pass on something you don’t need any more AND making sustainable buying cool.

Oh, that’s lovely: If you need a new bag, check out Madlug. Buy a good lookin’ rucksack and you’ll be also donating one to a child in care, so they don’t have to lug their stuff round in a bin bag (40,000 children enter the UK care system every year, most have their belongings moved in black plastic bin bags or plastic shopping bags). Using something people already want to do (buying a bag) AND making it easy for them to also do some good (donate). We love it.

Opening up: Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex this week joined Chrissy Teigen in breaking the taboo around miscarriage. Sometimes, taking the barriers away is the most important thing you can do to create change

Knight rider: The Queen’s Gambit has turned the nation into chess fans, with a reported 40% increase in chess site membership. Just goes to show how changing the context around something can change behaviour. Checkmate.

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