Little girl with binoculars on SHOOK agency news page

A view from our brand new and brilliant account assistant, Lydia

Two weeks shaking & making

One very stuck graduate of 2020, a year of global stagnation, and one growing, disruptive agency named SHOOK…

From my first 2 weeks at SHOOK, I can personally say it feels like a match-made in heaven.

From day one, everyone here made me feel so excited about what was to come, what I am to learn and the people I will meet along the way. The excitement and energy around what we are doing and the clients we are working with fuels my anticipation to come back another day. As well as the donuts that were on my desk…but more so the former.

I have been lucky enough to watch a charity campaign go live on my second week, be invited to all meetings and discussions of how that comes to be and generally feel part of the fabric in the campaign – no matter the size of my contribution.

Learning about Tiny Habits and implementing them into my approach to each new day, has helped me work through any anxieties about new tasks and responsibilities. Our small affirmations of ‘Today is going to be a great day’ fills me with the confidence I need to bounce back from mistakes and make the most of the learning process.

Although I am just starting out in this brilliant industry and agency, everything I do is celebrated and encouraged – from the photoshoot location I booked, to my first contribution in a client meeting. In the following weeks I will meet my buddy in real life as we slowly come back into the office; I can’t wait to meet more shakers and become one myself as the months progress!