Little girl with binoculars on SHOOK agency news page

SHOOK is looking for an AE, S/AM and Publicists

Wanna be SHOOK?

Thanks to lovely existing and new clients, SHOOK is looking for more people to join our team.

We’re a growing agency, looking to shake stuff up and make a difference. Our superpower is combining behaviour design and creativity to make ideas with impact across creative, communications and campaigning.

Our clients and work range from purpose and strategy projects for global brands to campaigning for charities to creative comms for some of Britain’s best-loved brands and exciting impact businesses. We always set out to deliver the right answer to the real problem, not an answer that suits us.

This should go without saying but we’re a new agency and we’re building things in the right way – equitable for everyone.  What doesn’t matter to us is: where you grew up or what school you went to.  What does matter is: wanting to make an impact and sharing our values: open, honest, generous, fun and restless. At the end of each day, we want you to be able to answer the question: WHAT DID YOU SHAKE TODAY? with something that’s moved SHOOK, your clients or you forward.

Right now, we’re looking for fast-paced:

  1. AMs or SAMs
  2. AEs
  3. Publicists (freelance)

(all salaries will be in line with PRCA benchmarks)

Sounds like it could be for you? Email with the role you’re interested in and START! in the subject. No CVs needed. Just answer these questions please:

  1. Who’s your favourite shaker?
  2. Who’s your favourite maker?
  3. There are 190mn companies in the world. Why do you want to join SHOOK?

Thank you!